She said….she walk before she run 

It all started after I completed my college & I was doing a job, I arranged her number from one of my friend. I texted her on whatsapp but as usual the million dollar question needs to answered before she will starts talking to me. How do you get my number?  I was like is it important to talk to me. I said I saw you in one of the college fest & as you were enrolled in one of the competition I asked your number from one of the volunteer & I got it just having the advantage being a senior.

Which I faked…hold on not being senior….above explanation to her that how do I get her number

Then again the session of question bombarded on me as I was going through one of the biggest entrance exam. Any how I cleared making her understand that there is nothing wrong in talking to a stranger, anyways everyone is a stranger for the first time. To be very honest she was not interested talking to me but the moment I said I am doing a job suddenly it was like the entire universe is telling her “THIS IS GUY FOR U” she was like tell me more about yourself and i was experiencing a big smile on my face (On that day I understand the importance of job & money). Then we started talking the most what she liked in me is my attitude and convincing skills and way i flirt with her (she mentioned one day on the call).  We also started talking on a daily basic as we were soulmates and this went for around 1 month as I have to visit my college place for some reasons,so we planned to meet.

Once I asked her would you like to be my girlfriend hold on no….i asked can I be your boyfriend…She said don’t hurry dear…”I walk before I run”

The meeting

I reached their & on the same day she called me whether you want to meet me or not. I said “off course” & we planned to meet. my friend from whom I arranged her number arranged the car as I was not knowing driving he only have to drive the car we both sit on the back seat it was like we started talking each other & she said you doesn’t look that bad with big smile on her face then we planned and get few bottles of beers to enhance the beauty and fragrance of charismatic evening, we completed our beers & then I left my friend (who was driving) and went with her on her scooty….as she was drunk she started asking me questions….hey can I hold you…i said yes madam otherwise you will fall you are drunk….she said hello mister I am not drunk that much….there is unique flavored  beauty in the air today & I want to enjoy It you drive it young man as fast as you can without applying the brakes frequently & she started laughing. we reached one place called CIVIC CENTER in locality we had some food their & kept the scooty outside the park & went inside we sat their & we were just started talking only…she surprisingly kissed me….after that I said how bad you are….she was like I kissed you and you are saying this to me…I said no dear I mean if you could have told me before kissing we could have enjoyed it in more better way….she started laughing like anything.

The RUN..

While we were roaming in the park she asked me you remember once you asked me can i be your bf, I said yes I do remember. She said so tell me why do you want to my boyfriend i said earlier it was like I just wanted to have company with someone but now the way you look at my eyes you totally consumes me and you are a remarkably good kisser. she started laughing and said let’s talk on a serious note if you want to be my bf you have to be committed with me, i frankly told her look there are certain things on my end & I can’t give you commitment i can’t marry you. she stick her million dollar principle that see if someone love someone he can do anything for that person and this conversation went for around an hour and half but as night become darker as this commitment issue become more complex, So I drooped her at his place and said her good bye with the conviction that she will ask that question again but this doesn’t happened.



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