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Today when I was having my dinner, Something hit my mind about who is responsible and the producer of the food we eat and Blah Blah….Then I thought of the farmer which made me post this article. Everyone on this planet need food to eat. Whatever they do, Wherever they go but ultimate satisfaction could be gained by only having food. We have a lot of different dishes around the world like Indian, Chinese, Continental, Mexican etc etc what not!!! We appreciate the Restaurant management for serving good food and sometimes even Chefs are admired for cooking us good food. But Ever thought of a Farmer who is the producer of the food we eat everyday ? The person who is responsible for supplying our basic need should have 2/3 of importance in our life. Do we really give so much importance to him?

Farming is the only business where you get more output than input.  Nature is the only machinery where you get more than what you feed else every machinery gives less than what you feed.

Go through different Types of Farming

We always hear in everyone speech that our country is dependent on agriculture but do we really care about it? Do you think in today’s world farmer get same pride as Doctor or Engineer? We care so much about pets in our house but we never care about the person who gives us food every day.

There is no communication between farmer and consumer because of which we never understand the real challenges of farmers. We talk with a lot of unknown friends but we never interact with farmers. We go for weekend picnics but we never visit farms from where our food comes. We do visit a lot of agro-tourism centre and try to think how farmers live but we never try to reach out to the farmer and speak with him and ask him to supply the good food.

Just think about our farmers and the pain they go through in the process of producing food to this world. Just meet them and try to give a warm 2 min hug to them. That is what they expect from us. That 2 min hug will make them so comfort and happy and they will forget all the pains and problems in their life.

People say don’t forget to Thank the Army men of our country when you meet them at any point of you life. Of course I accept that and even I do that. But Thank the farmer who is giving us food to eat. Farmer is the King/God of this entire world. My sincere salute to every farmer on this planet.

“When a farmer supplies and fulfils our need, it becomes our duty to make sure his needs are equally met”.

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