I never lose I either win or learn.

The above line are so inspiring that it tell you the really beautiful understanding that you can never lose anything, either you win or you from the process.

If you are not taking this line seriously or understanding  the importance then, After knowing that this line is written by a person who have been  27 years in prison and after that he severed  5 year as president of south Africa.

There is saying in Indian society that you can’t lose anything because you born with empty hand. All you can have is learning from the process no matters what the result is.

This philosophy really helps to make you more strong and give you strength to fight with your fears and failures, if you have failed in anything its past and people who regret on their past can never be successful. The important thing is you learn from your failure and make sure you won’t repeat again.

Please understand the concept that life is process of learning till your last breath. If you trying to stick to your past or failure considering that as your lose it would be the biggest stupidity.

No matters what, how, how many times I failed in my past, The most important thing now should be that you are learning from your mistakes and will always try to learn whatever the result will be.

Give a cheers to life and this concept that you can never lose anything sometime you fails but learning from your failure and moving forward to succeed should be the primary agenda of life.

Remember you can never lose, so keep on trying to learn and most important live in present!!


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