People with Passion Can Make The Impossible Happen!

The line above is flourishing its beauty and fragrance that People with Passion Can Make The Impossible Happen, people mislead the meaning of the word “Impossible” people believe  that impossible mean it can never be done and stop trying for that impossible thing.

Its wrongly taught to students the meaning should be that the existence of the words only till the time it not done for the first time, once anything is done it is no more considered as impossible

Please don’t treat this word impossible that it can never be done!!

Few impossible things for the people 15th century

Internet was impossible

Phone was impossible



Space missions

Live matches

And many more

But today these things are possible and we are using it, irony is we mislead this word as never possible rather then that it should no one has done it till date.

So the whole point of this is if something is not done before it doesn’t mean it can’t be done in the future. No doubt it will tough, difficult, and hard because you are trying to do it for the first time but if you have passion for something you will definitely end up achieving  what others think to be impossible.

Passion about anything gives you ample amount courage and strength to keep on trying till the time you won’t get it!! The biggest happiness could be doing what you are passionate about and achieving it and its very true said that

People with Passion Can Make The Impossible Happen!


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