Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

The above Lines confidently present the beauty that express strength and growth can only come through continuous effort and struggle.

You might have noticed legends saying that it is always difficult to do anything for the first time, trying for first is when you know how to do it. Trying & making efforts continuously makes you comfortable in anything, Trying after being comfortable make you perfect it that!!

There is lots of example to defend this line.

Plant: The process of coming out of earth, a plant when tries to come out of the earth it have to makes lots of effort to come out and once the plant is out it become comfortable and there after it become big tree which have huge strength and grow for long. But to become tree it always has to make continues efforts to survive.

Sabeer Bhatia: Founder of Hotmail ( First email service ever) got lots of rejection to sell Hotmail but his continuous efforts leads to sell it and now email is such a huge thing.

Always believe the powerful words because they will express the reality, you might be sometime successful without continuous effort. But if you want to grow and be always successful you should respect the above lines and always follow it, Because for fortune favors  the brave. one who makes continuous efforts can only make you be brave and gain strength.


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