Mixed Emotions

The most beautiful things in the world are “Emotions”. These are only few things that can be felt from the bottom of heart. Emotions are the result of deep thoughts buried inside a person’s mind. A person is slave of his emotions and emotions in turn are the slave of person’s thought. So, it simply means that thought of a person influences his emotion.

“The emotions that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it”, says Nicholas Sparks. This actually happens in the case of mixed emotions.

Mixed emotions are partly negative and partly positive reaction to something. These emotions make a person uncertain. It is the experience of having an attitude towards someone or something that contains both positively and negatively valenced components.

In mixed emotions a person can feel sad and happy at the same time. Although, from a neuroscience perspective, it is physically impossible to feel happy and sad at the same time, but one can switch between episodes of happiness and sadness very quickly. Yes, it is practical. Sometimes you may experience “Someone makes you the happiest person and the saddest person at the same time”, that is when it is real.

Mixed emotions are derived from primary emotions. By mixing two or more emotions (like happiness, sadness, fear, etc.) at different intensity levels, it is nearly possible to create many terms representing the language of emotions. The best example of mixed emotion is “LOVE”. Love is a mixture of two purest form of emotion i.e. joy and acceptance.

Most of the teenagers are struggling from mixed emotions; for example, a girl has a crush on a guy, but she keeps getting mixed feelings for him. Sometimes she has feelings for him, then the next she don’t. She wants to talk to him, then the next she don’t feel like talking to him.

Mixed emotions reflect how mature and intelligent we are to recognize the conflicting aspects of being human. It can often be an important strategy in dealing with loss. In all, the ability to experience the negative emotion alongside positive emotion enables individual to find something positive in stressful situations.

“Smiling doesn’t always mean you’re happy. Sometimes it simple means that you’re a strong person.”



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