Conversations are not just words. They are memories!!!



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Our day starts with a conversation. It might last for few seconds or a minute or an hour at times. I bet you that there is no single day which have started without a conversation. Of course there are different varieties of conversations like chat conversation, On call conversation, Face to face conversation and even speaking with someone with some signs (Those who can’t hear and speak).

But few conversations are not just simple conversations, they are memories. They mean a lot to the members involved in it. In such conversations, the words which we speak physically comes from our Larynx (voice box). But in actual those words are driven by our heart. So it means a lot. That makes the conversations more interesting and memorable.

The most memorable conversations happens on the coffee table. We can actually gulp the complete cup of coffee within 5 mins. But we won’t do that. Just because we wanna have a conversation with the person who has occupied the other side of our table.

Cafe Coffee Day, “A lot lot can Happen Over a Cup of Coffee”.

What does the above quote really mean? Do you think that their coffee has something special mixed in it that changes everything around you?

I say “NO”.

In actual, It means they’ll create an environment such that you would have a great time and conversation with your buddy or a group of buddies in which their coffee acts a catalyst to make it much better. I know few conversations would lead to the end of their story. But many would create a great bond which is very hard to break.

Conversation with a Girl/Boy Friend:

Frankly speaking, this would never end :P. This goes on and on. It might me a chat or a phone call or even a direct meeting. This would never end unless and until if someone interrupts them. The only phrase or a sentence used by them number of times is “What else?” God only knows with what kind of a reply that question gets the perfect matching answer and the conversation comes to an end :P. Just simply telling, I don’t wanna hurt anyone :). Anyways, couples know much better about this conversation and how sweet it would be. I’m a single guy by the way :P.

Conversation with a Group of Friends:

This is a crazy conversation on earth. The theme of this conversation is to target a guy and make fun of him. One friend would make fun of other and even the other guy would do same. The conversation would not have any particular topic or a bunch of facts but only baseless gossips and taunts. Although it looks funny, it means a lot. It would leave a memory among them.

Conversation with Family:

Here comes a different one. This might be serious at times. Here mostly facts are included in the conversation. You can’t replace facts with something else to make the entire conversation funny. Elders would be present and it looks completely like a lecture in college class room. An interactive lecture :P. Of course I don’t mean completely that all the time it would be serious but there are times when we enjoy the conversation with our family a lot. Mainly this happens when we meet our entire family on some auspicious occasions. Quite memorable right? This made me remember my family now :(.

So what ever the type of the conversation might be either small, long, Lovable, Funny, Serious etc. It means a lot to us. Without conversations our daily routine is incomplete and of course even our life is incomplete.

So my sincere suggestion to all of you is never miss a chance to get into a conversation.

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