Life, Struggle, poverty and a real life story

Last weekend me and few of my friends coming out of Restaurant after friends treat, we were standing out for a while waiting for our cab. It was around 10 PM and almost all the shops were closed. one small girl 9-10 year old sitting at the corner outside just beside the road. She was selling books. She came towards us and asked us to buy books. One of the girls in our group purchased few books from that small little girl. She went back and was sitting at the corner of the road…

After few minute one guy from our group noticed that little girl and said “look she is crying” all of us waved toward her and she was crying I went straight to her and asked..

Me:  Why you are crying?

She: she didn’t say anything totally Silence (she spoke nothing).

Me: where are your parents?

She: No parents.

Me: Where do you live?

She: she was pointing towards the pedestrian (footpath).

I was really feeling bad for her & understanding the pain she must be going through I felt like I need to help her so I brought my wallet out and I give her 50 INR she was not accepting it but when we all said keep it, It will help you then she accepted the money. There after all of my friends give some money to her.  We all together gave her 500 INR we also offered her the cake we have were having, she said thank you.

The moment when you can make anyone smile it’s really

To be really honest it gives an immense pleasure to help anyone who is in need. Her smile was reflecting that she was feeling the happiness. We were still waiting for our cab and that little girl was still sitting there only again I was concern about her how she will be living here at the platform, anyone can hurt her or take advantage of her.

I went to the guard of that restaurant and I asked him that this little girl used to sit here only. He replied “yes sir she used to sit there only and used to cry when other don’t buy books”

I was totally shocked after listing this and my friend was also stunned after listening and after this I realized few things:-

I went to her asked her very politely Please don’t cheat anyone, it’s not considered to be good, she kept quit.

First if she is doing this, it can’t be any one wish or choice to do this she must be doing it under the influence of poverty or under any compulsion (to help out his family).

Second if even her parents are asking her to do this, there must be some serious compulsion or any reason we need to understand otherwise there are no parents who will ask there kid to do this.

Third I don’t know whether she should do this or not, but if she is simply tricking other by this piece of act then she is a real actor and even if she doing it as profession she is really dedicated to his work because I never felt she is acting, it looks all real to me.

When we were about to leave she came back to us and said “I used to earn by selling book not by cheating other” and she was very polite while saying this.

Please help other no matter why they are doing this and helping other never going to make you poor, but definitely it will help them and make you and smile.



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