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Yesterday I was having I very deep discussions with my younger brother he is 18 year old and I believe he is very mature to everything.  So we were discussing about

How our life should be?

What is the most important thing in the life?

I was explaining him everything what I felt to be appropriate answer to his questions, more or less we were on the same page as he was also agreed to my explanation’s. Suddenly he told me I was wondering about one thing from last few days I tried to analysis a lot on this but come up with no conclusion.

What is that thing you are concerned about and so willing to find the answer, I asked him.

He said can you tell me what is the purpose or life or we are a part of game plan were we are just the puppet used for something really important and we don’t know the plan itself.

I was stunned and was unable to answer I think for the whole night but won’t come up with any answers.

Could you please help you view are important, Hope you will help me out.

Stevens Drew (USA)


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6 thoughts on “Help me out

  1. This topic is in on itself as very difficult subject to find a finishing argument for, since no one knows the answer for all but themselves. So let’s take a look on each of the two questions you’re brother has asked, while I can only give my perspective on them, hopefully they can help shed some light for you both.

    Firstly, what is the purpose of life or more common asked as “what is the meaning of life”. It’s an easy question to ask but hard to answer as no one will have the same sort of answer to give back. I honestly believe than when looking at it, you can realistically say that you get born, find a partner to continue the bloodline, then die. However, by just thinking about it, I say that it’s about finding your place in the world. That can take years for one to find, but it’s the golden road where you are happy with your place. It’s a never ending search that only you can find the right path for.

    This might not be the perfect answer for you, but I implore to not overthink this as it’s not important rather than finding the thing you want to do in life. Meeting the right person you’ll spend the rest of your life with etc. etc.

    Second queestion he asked was: are we a part of a game plan where we are just the puppet used for something really important and we don’t know the plan itself? I like this question, it’s mostly used in religion but man the question is even more ambiguous than the first, since no one but yourself can believe in the right answer for this.
    I firmly believe that there is a possiblity for a bigger plan being in place that we could be a part of, but if so it’s not our place to know of it.
    Yet I’m not a religious person, by looking at it philosophical it has helped me being more aware of what can be the best way to answer such questions, while not driving myself or others mad thinking about it. One thing I love about Eastern philosophy is their way of looking at answering the question vaguely but firmly

    Eastern philosophy claims, that life is uncertain for us, however; it will unfold as it will. When one tries to change the way life is unfolding it will only bring pain. One must always look out for others, leave no footprints, and let go of earthly desires. In addition, one must only fight when there is no other choice. If it’s possible to step back and talk it out, that is what should happen.

    Hope this helped in some way for either you and your brother.
    Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

      1. No, thank you for coming up with such an interesting post. It’s not often you get to talk with others about the meaning of life, without sounding too pretentious 🙂

  2. That is A question I have pondered every since I learn how to ask that three letter question “WHY”. There is no simple cut and dry answer. I realize it is human nature to define and categorize everything. We like things neatly packaged in one ,two, three steps, and then placed on a shelf in alphabetical order. This is all well and good. But find ONe big problem if we stop here. We place limitations and boundaries and you miss so much more life has to offer.

    I suggest in retrospect LIFE is a learned through living. If you bare with me a moment maybe I can make myself a bit clearer. If I may illustrate. I liken life to a seed.. A seed is that little ball of energy wrapped in a shell dying to get out.. So we plant it and water it and nurture it . One day a miracle takes place and that seed breaks ground and begins to grow. No longer a seed but it has evolved. Evolved into a plant.

    Human life is a process where we grow , change , evolve if you will. Life is ever changing . Ever learning. Ever growing. At the same time our bodies and minds are growing , so is our purpose in life.If that new born could talk.and if you were to ask him what is the meaning of life, the answer would be something like. Iam hungry feed me, I am wet change me. My reason for living is to stand up and walk on my two feet.
    You talk to that child some years later the story changes..I want to learn how to ride a bike, go to school, drive a car, college, have a career. Get married Have children. And this is all good. But guess what All that is a temporary fix. An earthy fix.

    This is what I have come to believe life is all about. Ready? It may even sound corny, but that’s okay. WE humans are created social creatures right? My renewed purpose in life is to truly find LOVE… Give LOVE and receive LOVE. Sharing LOVE. There is no room for hate in a heart full of love. No room for darkness in a room full of light. Life everlasting.

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