Right or wrong!!

Few questions come in my mind and I feel like I am unable to reach to any conclusion, because there is lots of parameter working on it and everyone has their own way of understanding the situation, reacting to it and deciding whether this thing is right or wrong. So what is right or wrong?

Right and wrong is different for the peoples grown up in the different societies, because the way they have seen people behaving in the society. You believe me or not everyone in influenced by the character and the behavior of the people whom they have ever met and liked.

I believe it almost impossible to decide what is right or what is wrong because the right and wrong is decided by standard set by our ancestors and what if they were only wrong at the first place. I understand one thing that “The behavior the Society inherits the customized way of standard set by our previous generation and passed on to us. Which is editable by our generation?”

The point there is nothing like right or wrong these are just the standards which can be right to anyone and wrong to anyone else, so just try to be appropriate all the time. Don’t be much concerned about right or wrong



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