Celebrate life not just Festivals!!

Beauty of life is to celebrate each and every moment in your life.

The festival is the combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense. Festivals are to create joy, pleasure and happiness among all the people involved in. A festival involves great feeling of meeting there loved once. Celebration which is something primary part of festival, what happens people gather together, enjoy the festival, have lots of conversation but the irony it’s the matter of time till the festivals ends!!

After the Festival ends People get so involved in their work and life that they forget celebrating life

The true meaning of life could be celebration , but the fact that in a long span of life we celebrate few days only, it really disappoints me.

Thanks to festivals and our ancestors at least we have few days to celebrate life.

But we are missing the life in its true way. No matters we are having lots of goals, lot of responsibility and we have to fulfill those but we get so involved in life that we won’t able to understand we are living this life on the cost of celebrating life.

Having a million dollar company is nothing but a myth to make yourself satisfied /equipped with the idea that you have earned money and value in your life, but seriously that’s not enough celebrate your life on daily basic trust me you will love the everything.

So, be healthy and celebrate life not just the festivals.



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