Destiny – No one can escape

There is a story which bravely defends “Destiny – No one can escape”

Long back in a village few people were standing outside their home talking with friends. After sometime they saw fruits hanging on the tree near to them. They planned to climb the tree and have some fruits. One of the villagers agreed to climb the tree. He climbed the tree and plugs the fruits went from branches to branches. But when he started coming back from one of the branch he saw a snake just in front of him he was dam scared, but he was a brave and intelligent he decided not to move. He knew if he moves he is going to be bitten by snake and definitely going to die, so he decide not to move he sticks to his position and waited till the snakes move out of there. But the snake wasn’t moving at all.

His friend saw him sitting on the tree they asked him why isn’t he coming down, he make them saw the snake and others also got scared and start thinking what to do and one of them suggest that there is a person in the village who is very skilled in managing snakes so they went to him and narrated the situation and asked him to come with us. He agreed to come and reached to the tree where the person is stuck on the tree with the snake he analyzed the situation properly.

The skilled person who was known to easily manage snake removed his shoes and kept his other stuff down the tree and slowly started to climb the tree without making any noise and without shaking the tree. After making an effort for more than 15 minute he managed to reach till the snake without disturbing the snake. Most likely if he tries to capture the snake, snake may end up biting anyone of them and it was impossible to capture the snake at that position (on the top of the tree), so skilled guy bring up his knife and in a flash of time he cut the throat of the snake and the snake died their itself. Snake died and both of them came down alive. Everyone was happy villager started celebrating and everyone thanked skilled person.

Now the skilled person was about to leave so he told villagers that he have to leave. Villagers again thanked him and very respectfully allowed him to leave. He wear his shoes collected his stuff and said goodbye to the villagers and started moving. He could have taken just few steps and he fall down on the ground and after few minutes he died.

Everyone was in shock what happened how he died. No one have any clue what happened actually and why he died. After sometime villagers removed his bag and shoes. The moment they removed his shoes they found that the snake throat and his venom pipe is attached with the skilled person toe. So when he cut the snake in flash of time venom pipe directly fall inside the shoes of skilled person and when he wear the shoes again he got injected with venom.

He was not supposed to be their but he was called. Instead he saved one person life but destiny has its own game plan.

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