Desperation!!!, Are you Desperate about Anything/Anyone???



Hello Readers!!!

Are you people Desperate of anything at any part of you life time till date? Not even about a single thing or person? Come on, think a bit and go through the earlier pages of your life. You may find many or at least one.

Still you didn’t find or remember any?? Then I’m telling you, Soon you have to consult a doctor. Every man/Woman in this world would be desperate about something. Few people are desperate about Food. Some other are desperate about electronic gadgets or finding new places or new technologies or pets and the list goes on and on. So everyone on this planet is desperate about something. If you ask me, Even I’m desperate. I like exploring New Places. I know many Guys/Girls are desperate in exploring. You may find it as a common hobby or something but its quite exciting!!! Isn’t it??

One of my friend is desperate in meeting new people, Of course girls in particular 😛 Whatever might be the case, everyone is desperate about something or someone in their life time. If we consider us in this, Our Eyes are desperate in looking at something beautiful(Nature, Guys/Girls, Colours etc). Our Nose is desperate in smelling something a well grounded Coffee or a Girl’s Perfume or something else. And coming to our Mouth, It’s always desperate in tasting new dishes and new tastes. Taste buds on our tongue always awaits for new tastes. Our Ears are desperate for new things. It depends on the thought of the person.

Similarly, Everyone are desperate about something. So, for what you people are Desperate for??? Post your Desperation in the Comment section :).

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4 thoughts on “Desperation!!!, Are you Desperate about Anything/Anyone???

  1. i am desperate about animals..
    especially dogs..but ya ofcourse..other animals too..right from a giko lizard to lions..😍😍

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