The Words I didn’t Convey to Her – 3

Till Now: “Trying to recover from the past and start my life with a new day, new ambitions and hope.”

All I can do is moving on from the past. I need to accept my present situation leaving the past behind. I started focusing more on my work. Made myself busy with my daily chores. Never missed a chance to watch a movie. I tried hard to get things back on track. Number of phone calls to my Mom has increased. Whatever you do, still the thing comes into your mind in the gap of a minute. The more you try to forget, the more it starts pinging you saying “Hey, Did you forget me?” How stupid our brain is!!!

So loading myself with my work and making myself busy all day made me feel that I’m slowly moving on. Since it’s a weekend I had nothing much to do at home. Even my close chaps are out of the town. Its was evening time and I felt that I had watched enough movies for the day. Thought of grabbing a cup of tea at a nearby tea seller. Having finished the cup of tea in no time, I thought of visiting the beach as it might change my mood. Within no time I kick started my lovely Red Pulsar and geared up towards the beach. The craziest thing is that I didn’t even carried my purse. I’m in my track pants and a Tee with Rs.100 in my pocket and pair of earphones. I felt that’s more than enough to hit the beach. I just queued up the songs in my playlist and started humming along with the actual song which is playing in my mobile. It hardly took me 20 mins to reach my favourite beach. Parked my bike near Yes Bank atm so that I can figure out soon when i’m back.

Now it’s time to get in to the beach and enjoy the cool breeze. The best thing about a beach is it would change your mind and you  feel refreshed after sitting on the sea shore for a while. The tides would take away all the disturbances and you get a peace of mind. I walked in the sand for a while and thought of sitting for a while. I started searching for the right place and yes I got it. Sat right in front of the sea with a full moon on top of it. The sea water is shining with the moon light. It looks damn beautiful.

Staring at the moon for a while I started thinking about her. How she came into my life? What made her special? When I started Liking her?


To be Continued…

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