The Words I didn’t Convey to Her – 4

Till Now: “Staring at the moon for a while I started thinking about her. How she came into my life? What made her special? When I started Liking her?”

All of a sudden it started to drizzle and I ran towards the shelter. It wasn’t raining heavily but I was scared of my mobile getting wet in the water. So, I waited for around 20 mins and by the time the showers started to weaken. I came out of the shelter, stepped into a Tea stall and had a cup of hot tea. I enjoyed every sip of the tea in the cool breeze. Few guys started smoking to compensate the cool breeze. I quickly borrowed a polythene cover from the vendor and packed all my things along with my mobile phone.

I kick started my bike, raised the accelerator and geared towards my home. My speedometer ticked between 60-70 kms/hour and I maintained the same pace until I reach home. Reached home within in 20 mins and had no interest in eating anything so I directly jumped into bed.

It was 6 in the morning and my mobile started to ring. I ignored it but again It started to ring and I can even hear someone knocking my main door. I woke up, got down from my bed and started cursing the one who is on the other side of the door for disturbing my sleep. I started stepping towards the main door feebly. Opened the door and my room mate was standing right in front of me staring right into my face with a fierce look. Oh no I even forgot that he is going to come back from home on that day. He said something but I didn’t even bother to hear. I went straight to my bed and fell asleep. After 3 hours of good sleep I woke up and remembered that it was Monday morning and I have to go to office.

With the least interest, I did all the morning chores and started to my office without having my breakfast.


To be Continued…


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