The Words I didn’t Convey to Her – 5

Till Now: With the least interest, I did all the morning chores and started to my office without having my breakfast.

It’s a sunny day but I still managed to walk for 15 mins to reach my office. It’s just a matter of 3 songs, You won’t feel tired if you walk with your favourite songs on your ear phones. So I had my playlist set in my favourite genre and listened to that until I reach my work place.

Entered my work station, placed my laptop on the desk, opened my mail to check I had any priority works for the day. Nothing seems to be good, I grabbed my cup to have a cup of hot Coffee. Had a sip of hot Coffee, I can feel the hot coffee going down into my stomach through esophagus coz I didn’t had anything since morning. I thought of getting back to work to make myself busy all day. I reached my manager’s desk right away to discuss about the day’s work and after 5 mins I’m back to my place.

All set to do my work and I glued to my laptop and started working. After an hour or so I felt exhausted and my stomach started to cry for food. I pinged my friend for lunch and she agreed. We ordered Aloo Paratha and waited for a while to get our food. Meanwhile my other friend had joined us. None of us uttered a word and busy with our mobiles, silence among us. And finally the other guy broke the silence asking me “How are you brother?” in a funny tone. I said I’m good brother with a narrow smile on my face. Suddenly we three started staring at one other’s faces and started laughing loudly.

And Why you visited the beach yesterday all alone? She questioned me with a teasing expression. I was bored all alone at home so I thought of going on a ride and found the beach in the middle and spent sometime at the beach. Nothing special I said.

And now it’s their turn to tease me and they found every possible way to do that. I was like C’mon why  me??


To be Continued…




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