The Words I didn’t Convey to Her – 6

Till Now: And now it’s their turn to tease me and they found every possible way to do that. I was like C’mon why  me??

Things are getting worse, I was losing control over myself. Many things started hitting my brain without any clarity. Even my mood is changing quite often. Like, I was laughing continuously or sitting without uttering a word or else in deep thinking. My friends started complaining on my behaviour. I was laughing for no reason and that too continuously. Suddenly I started thinking Is something really going wrong with me? My Answer is Yes. Coz friends won’t complain without a reason.

To overcome the situation, I started making myself busy at work. I made a habit of loading myself with my work either office or my personal. But hardly it worked for a couple of days. I didn’t find any effective change in my mood with this activity of making myself busy. Even I lost my conscience. Then I thought of visiting my Brother’s place for a sigh of relief. Coz I have a 1 year old Niece. No other medicine can change the mood of any human being other than Kids. They are wonderful and simply super. I tuned my brain to visit my brother’s place to meet my niece.

Since I had a busy and hectic Friday, I postponed my journey to Saturday morning. Woke up early in the morning, Caught the train and rushed all the way to my brother’s home. I had a great time spending with my cutie Niece on Saturday and Sunday. I’m in no mood of going back to work on Monday, So I just pinged my Manager that I would be on leave and spent the entire day with the kid. Seriously, She had changed my mood completely. I started feeling better and active as well. It was like a magic, I felt like everything is getting back on track. I was happy and refreshed.

Finally, I had to bid Good bye on Monday evening to my Niece coz I have to go to office on the other day. Felt very hard to leave her, but I have to. On the way back to my place, I thought of the change that hit me drastically. The change because of a single girl in my life. The addiction towards her which I had never felt in her presence or the time when she was with me. The endless conversations we had in the cafeteria all alone, making fun of each other, irritating one another. These things never came in my mind until I lost her. I just smiled myself and started remembering our good olden days 🙂

To be Continued…


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