The Words I didn’t Convey to Her – 7

Till Now: These things never came in my mind until I lost her. I just smiled myself and started remembering our good olden days 🙂

Back in 2015, I saw her for the first time when we were undergoing our technical training at office. The very first impression was she is so traditional and reserved. By the way she looks beautiful. With a Genuine smile on her face adds up more beauty to her. I really don’t know what made me admire and respect her from the very first look. As said “Love comes with respect, but respect comes from the heart”. Many times I noticed her busy in her own world. Not so talkative, not much good in moving with her friends etc etc. I hardly found her speaking with someone not related to her friends group.

Days passed by, I was busy with my training and enjoyment at the same time. Me with 2 other friends, a set of 3 had enjoyed a lot during the training phase. We are happy with our lives. We cracked jokes among ourselves and of course on others too. And finally our training got completed after 45 days and sooner or later we are going to be busy with our project. We felt a bit dejected, but felt happy after hearing that we gonna be having a office annual party. All the boozers are waiting for the party night. It was informed to us that they gonna serve Beers at the party. We all received 3 coupons each for the drinks. Since I’m not an alcoholic, demand for my drink coupons has increased. Every boozer started asking me for the coupons and I evenly distributed them among my friends.

And the party day has arrived finally, We all are excited for the first party in our life hosted by a IT company. And the party began by 7 in the evening. Frankly speaking, there was nothing special in the party for a non alcoholic like me. All the boozers started enjoying their first sip from the bottle of Kingfisher. Even many girls had gone for the drinks.

The DJ started playing his favourite tracks in Tamil and Hindi and everyone in the party had gone mad and started dancing to the beat. Few are enjoying with their girl friends and few others started to find a girl to dance with them in the party. Even my friend did that and he succeeded. Then I realised that all the boozers would become friends after having a bottle of alcohol. Strange but true!!!

I came out from the party just to attend my Mom’s call. She wanna know what her son is doing in the party. I narrated her the entire story. Meanwhile I spotted her sitting alone outside in the lounge. Quickly I narrated the entire thing to my mom and hanged up the call. I noticed her busy with her mobile. I can see the feel of distress on her face. May be she didn’t like the party. Thought of approaching her, But I’m a big “Fattu”(Coward). I left the place to join my friends for dinner.

To be Continued…


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