No, This is not My Destiny!!!

What am I doing?? Is this what I’m supposed to?? Is this my Destiny??

No, I don’t think so.

How many of us think of this in our life time? Almost everyone of us, At least once in our lifetime. Some of us often think of this repeatedly. We dream about something in our life but the baddest of bad thing is we won’t work on that thing.

Actually, We are accustomed to dream because it costs nothing other than time which we have a lot in our life.

Step forward, go for it, work on the thing which you are dreaming about. Nothing comes on our way. We need to take left, right turns sometimes in the path of our life. It helps a lot to achieve something in our life. Be it your dream company, A happy family, A social work or a girl whom you want to propose and spend the rest of your life with.

Only the one who steps forward and expresses would reach their dream destiny. This has been proved by many great personalities around the world. If you don’t succeed, at least you have the satisfaction of trying for it. You won’t have any regrets at the end of your life. Life without regrets or very very less regrets is the best of all.

What we achieve here would only remain here. The only one which would be with us is satisfaction. And this satisfaction would be ours  only when we work on our dreams and without regrets. So what are you waiting for? Wake up and start working on your destiny. Enjoy the journey to reach your destiny. Sometimes the journey would be very hard and boring but the ultimatum you achieve is something which you’ll never forget.

Right now, I’m going to express something to a special person in my life. Even I fail in this, I won’t be having any regret in my life. That’s enough for me:)

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