Why is Gurupurab celebrated?

What is Gurupurab?

Gurupurab is a Sikh festival in India and it has lots of importance for them, Special on this day assemblies on the lives, learning, teachings of the gurus, and langars (community meals) are organized in the gurudwaras. Prasad is distributed among all people, and hymn chanting processions are held in the homes and gurudwaras. People light up their homes with lamps and candles to celebrate Gurpurab.

Why is Gurupurab celebrated?

Tenth Sikh guru birth anniversaries, He have huge importance in Sikh communities

What is the Significance of celebrating Gurupurab?

It’s a celebration of the anniversaries of the tenth Sikh Gurus.

What are the Key attractions of the Gurupurab festival?

The soulful Bhajan-Kirtan (hymns)

Gurbani in the Gurdwaras

Langar and Prasad distribution

When is Gurupurab celebrated?

Full moon day in the month of Kartik of the Hindu lunisolar calendar,

November of the Gregorian calendar

Where is Gurupurab celebrated?

Celebrated by the Sikh community all over the world, especially in Punjab

Gurupurab 2018: 5th January


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