Why is Onam celebrated?

What is Onam?

Onam is a really important festival of south Indians mostly celebrated in Kerala, people wear traditional & new clothes, decorate homes with Pookalam (floral designs), and prepare Onasadya (A Special type of Meal ). Events like Vallamkali (snake boat race), Kathakali dance, Kaikottikali(clap dance), and Pulikali procession(people paint like hunters and tigers).

Why is Onam celebrated?

To celebrates the homecoming of the legendary king Mahabali.

What is the Significance of celebrating Onam?

Come back of legendary king Mahabali.

What are the Key attractions of Onam festival?

Snake Boat Race

Enigmatic Kaikottikali dance

Elephant procession

When is Onam celebrated?

In the month of Chingam of the Malayalam calendar.

August or September of the Gregorian calendar

Where is Onam celebrated?

Celebrated by people of all communities in the state of Kerala & south India.

Onam 2018: Begins on 15th August


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