Website indexing in yahoo and bing

Indexing in yahoo & Bing

Hi Readers,

Here we will learn how to index your website in yahoo and bing ( also known as webmaster)

Webmaster is a place where you can see which are your article which is being shown by search engine and which is being clicked often  or rarely

Here you can submit the URL of your post  and website to get searched in yahoo or bing

Lets check out the steps  to start indexing your website

Click on the below link to open bing webmaster

Webmaster for bing

Click on sign up

You must have a Microsoft account for this

Click on Sign Up

Create or sign in using your existing account

Provide all the details and then bing will give you one post and you paste that code on index page of your website

This is to check the you are the owner of the website or not

Put the code in <head> put code here </head>

once you are done you will see below page


Go to configure my site –>Submit URL

Paste your link below here and submit


you have limits so be carefull


you have lots of other options to explore 

This will help you get searched in yahoo and bing

NOTE: there is a limit on submitting the URL

10 per day

50 per month

You can even submit URL based on any location all around the world




Website indexing in Google

Hi Readers,

Here we will learn how to index your website in yahoo and Bing ( also known as webmaster)

Indexing:- Indexing mean submitting your blogs/website link to get searched in search engine

Webmaster(google search console) is a place where you can see which are your article which is being shown by search engine and which is being clicked often  or rarely

Here you can submit the URL of your post  and website to get searched in yahoo or Bing.

  1. Click on the below given link to open google webmaster

Webmaster or Google search console

2) once you open the link you can sign in with any Gmail account

You need a gmail id to do this if you don’t have you should create one.

3) once you sign in google will ask you to add property (your website)

4) proof ownership by pasting a code in head section of main page of your website


Now you can submit URL to get searched in google search engine.

Which links of the your blogs you want to submit to google for indexing you can fetch and request for indexing.

Please check below screenshot for better understanding

Click On Fetch as google

Now you can render the links from your blogs by pasting the link the search bar in above shown above and click fetch

You can mention In which device you want it to be get searched.

Once you will fetch your link you will see below screen


Click on Request indexing


First check box that you are not robot

There will be two more check boxes in the before always choose the crawl only this URL

Difference between

choose the crawl only this URL & Crawl this URL and its direct link

First which submit only 1 URL but 2nd one will submit all the URL under that URL, but the you can do 10 times in 10 month.

So Use the second option Very carefully.


Here you can search all the keyword are being used to search your blogs in google search engine.

you can check how much time your blog URL appeared in search engine.

you can filter & compare based on location, device & time period.

you can also check how much time audience clicks to your posts

Best tools by google for bloggers.

How to promote your blogging website.

Don’t you like promoting actually its fun & challange

There are various ways to promote a blog and in this section we will check all of them

Online promotion

Online  promotion is the promotion using internet.

Mostly social media is used for online promotion for anything because most number of audience can be find in social media.


it is fastest growing social network and easiest way to reach most of the people in short span of time.


Create a Facebook page as the name of your website and send invites all your friends to like the page & ask your friend to send invite to there friends.

Create a group on Facebook with any name that people join the group and starting posting your blogs twice or thrice in a day.

Join more and more group on Facebook which is related to your blog and post your blogs there.

You can also create Paid ads on Facebook which will help you to increase you traffic and make your website popular. It will help you reach more and more people but you have to pay to Facebook for this.

You can change your profile as page and all your friends will be awarded as page follower and will be included in the likes of the page – page will be created with the number of like as number of your friend

Check how to convert your profile to page


Twitter is an platform in social media which generates fastest growing thread and can make your blog reach most number of people as soon as possible.

Twitter Strategies

Create a twitter account

How to increase your followers

Like Other people post.

Comment on others post.

Retweet other post

Automated plugins are there to follow people (Chrome)

Instagram:- Here you can share pictures and videos so create videos and share it.

Instagram Strategies

Follow others to increase your followers

Follow others

Like others posts

Comment on others posts

Post pic with your website Name and contents

Post your blog snapshot.

Limitations: – you can only share images of your blog & you can’t add link to it which can redirect to your website.

Pinterest: Here you can share pic along with the link attached with the picture which will redirect audience to your website

Share the pic on your website on pinterest & people searching for pic will check your pic and if they click on that they will be redirect to your website/blog

you can use plugin to share your post pics directly to pinterest.

StumbleUpon:- this is my personal favorite because it really give great traffic if your content is great. Best place to put your post because this social media works in a different way If one person likes your post it will shared with more and more people and this goes on. You can submit the link of your post which you think is really great. They will verify and promote your website

StumbleUpon is my personal favorite

Tumbler:- You can share your post directly on tumbler and if the audience at tumbler like your post they will click on the tumbler post and will be redirected to your website

This is not that famous but if you get time you can do tumbler as well.

Create Backlinks

Backlink is nothing but a link on various website which will redirect to your website (This help you to recognized and increase your website rank also help your popularity.

You can buy this link in lots of the website else you can create and throw it to various website relevant to your niche(content type of your blog)

This will help you increase Alexa and google rank of your website


Quora is a forum where people used to address solution to the problem and give answers to other questions, Here you can provide answer and also drop link to your website which is related to the solution.

Quora I being used a lot for website, blogs and product prmotions

This really helps!!!

Create slide show and share

There are various website where you can share your slideshow of your website and attach a link to it which will redirect audience to the website.

Various website like these are present you just google it you will find a lot

Create your YouTube channel.

Create videos of your article and share videos

Create videos of pictures and share it on YouTube.

Create videos or promotional videos and share them

Create video explaining service provided by your website and share them

Create videos explaining about your product and share them

Guest post

Writing a post on others website which is already popular will help you to increase popularity of your website (don’t forget to keep your website link on the posts)

Offline promotion:-

offline promotion is the promotion without internet

Offline promotion are basically giving an advertisement about your website in the below mentioned places

  • Mazgine
  • New paper
  • Pumplate
  • In collge fest
  • In library

Ideas to promote:

Ideas which will help you to promote your website to have and this really work but we will talk about this in a separate post

Ideas to promote your blog or website

Use your Thinking Brain

If you are thinking people will start liking your blogs without any strategy and promotion ideas, Trust me friend you are never going succeed.

Lets talk about some ideas which can lead you to the sucess.

You can organize an event or a competition for school

Organizing a competition will attract huge number of audience to the website. Have a good price and organize it monthly or quarterly.

put an advertisement page on your blog with prize money & share it on all social media with prize on the title to attract the audience. This will lure user to visit your blogs.

Send invitation using emails and even you can give and ads on (Colleges, schools & individual personals)

Local TV channels



On Whats app broadcast list

Many more are there you Just think about it you will get it

Make sure organize completion which won’t cost you more.

competition can be like

Very less cost competition

Writing competition( which can be organised online)

Speech competition

video making competition

online painting competition

This helps a lot.

Organize a completion related to your blog in you’r and other college fest

College fest are the place where you can find lots of young blood.

Organizing any competition doesn’t requires much cost.

People in college are very enthusiastic about participating in completion and this will help your website a reconigtion and traffic

Organize a article writing competition online or Quiz competition and put some prize for winners.

Start this 2.5 month before  the last day of submission and

Declare winner publicly

Send invitation to college and school and ask there student to participate in the competition

Share this on Facebook , twitter and Instagram

You can use paid ads as well.


How to get your blogs searched in Search engine

Get your blogs search on the top of search results

Getting your article search engine you should make your content public  and if the content searched by people matches your title or metadata then search engine will show them, but at what postion they will show your post depends upon

how good is your content.

how  relevant it is for user.

How much information is given and is there anything new.

There are various ways get your website or link indexed in search engine.

what Does indexing your website means ?

Plain and simple answer would be adding your blogs( webpages and post ) to search engines (google, yahoo, bing etc. Depending on what are the keywords your use in title and content(meta data) search engine will crawl and index your post and pages on the search result of search engine and readers will be redirected to your page from there.

Your can submit the URL of your blog pages and post to reach maximum people

you get limited number of submit per month or per day.

Limits are different for google & Bing search engine.

Lets check out how to start indexing your blogs.

Indexing your website in google.

google earlier call it WEBMASTER but now GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE

Check our article to start indexing your website in google

Indexing your website in yahoo & Bing.

Yahoo & bing call it webmaster

Check our article to start indexing your website in google

This thing will enhance your blogs search results if you are a blogger and you are not doing this! feeling sorry for you.

How to apply for Google AdSense

Lets know the step to apply for Google AdSense

To apply for google Adsense you must have a gmail account,

Make sure you have never used this account before for adsense approval for any other website.

  1. You need to open the below google adsense website url




Click on sign up


2) Fullfill the details asked very correctly

3) Once you are done sign in

4) Now google will ask you there thing

A) Payment address: – it’s an physical address So,Give address where you can receive post because Google will send a pin to your payment address for verification for the first time only.

B)Your mobile Number

Now google will provide you a small code which you need to place in the index or main page of your blog/website


Paste the code just below <Head>

And above </Head>

This is done by google to check who is applying for adsense should be owner of the website/blog.

-> After pasting the code click on the check box mentioned at the google AdSense page while applying

Now Just hope for the best to happen 🙂


Before applying to Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one the best ads network because its pay the best in the market

Few things you must know before going further to these tutorials. Google AdSense have few policies and you need to stick to those policies in order to get your website approved. Let’s check out the important thing you need to take care before applying to the AdSense.

Specific content:- Types of content  which are rarely found on internet will be an advantages for AdSense approval.

Unique: – You website/Blog must have unique content and trust me my friend you can’t get approved by duplicate content. I will recommend you to never copy content from internet and paste in your blog.

Big articles:- If you are writing big articles you have more chance of getting approved. Big articles are always considered to be on the top of google search engine. Google prefer big articles.

Navigation of your post:-You should keep your entire article under some category. Make sure reader can easily navigate easily from one article to another.

You should keep all your article in under some menu or sub menu.

Name of the menu and sub menu should be related to the content of the post

If you are writing content related to previous post you must give previous and next button

NOTE: None of the article you should left without any category and menu

Visitors:- As per my observation you should not apply for google AdSense until you have 200 visitors on a daily basis for more than a month.

Contact page: You must have a contact page otherwise your website will be disapproved.

In contact page you should mentioned your




You must write this things in bold.

You must write this things in a easily visible place of your website.

About us Page:- You must have about us page where you should mentioned yourself and other people who are associated with the your website/blog and what you do.

What this website is all about

Why you have started this website and other whatever else you want to.

Privacy policy : You must have this page where you should mentioned privacy policy for your website/blogs

There are few website which will automatically create privacy policy based on your entry

Disclaimer:- you must have a disclaimer page on your website

Terms & condition : you must have terms & condition. It’s to mentioned if you some conditions of terms you want to specify the user or reader for using the website or anything else about the website.

Plain & simple: you should keep background of website blue,red,violent or color which are hard to adjust by user eye (really google take care of this things also).



How to choose an attractive title for your post?

Check your title before you publish your post

Title are the really important and play and important role for your blog to be successful. so you should give significant amount to time thinking what should be the title for your post. Title is the first thing anyone sees before clicking and going to your website. The words in the title is used to get searched in all search engine (keywords -mostly these words are used in meta data). Image attached with the title or blog one of the key and important factor that readers will attract towards it. Title must have content related to your niche or related to the content that your blog publish then it’s a plus point.


Let’s check out how to choose your title and make it attractive.

To understand this you should know what is are factor that affect the title.

First word:-There nothing to think about.

You should put the first word whats your blog is all about.

Let’s say I am writing about Blogging

Eg:-     Blogging

Sentence after first word:- This should be attractive or interesting.

Eg:- Blogging – Lucrative and royal profession.

Add Question mark or exclamation mark if its required

Eg:- Why blogging is considered as lucrative and royal profession?

Completeness: you should try to choose word which should summaries your blog content.