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Inspirational stories

Ritesh Agarwal | KFC  |Steve Jobs |Dhirubhai Ambani|  Mahendra Singh Dhoni |Sindhutai Sapkal| Najat Vallaud | J.K. Rowling |Positive Attitude | Indra Nooyi |Kalyanasundaram |Milkha Singh |Bhutan | Che Guevara |True Leader | Your Time.You’re not LATE, You’re not EARLY!!! | Bhagat Singh | Sam Berns

Real life stories & Fiction

Riya I miss you |  Fear in mind  | Life, Struggle, poverty |She said….she walk before she run | Perfect World – The Spiderweb | Destiny – No one can escape | Neha Loves Ajay!!! |Art of Management| When Amit met Ananya!!! Part – 1 |When Amit met Ananya!!! Part – 2 |

The Words I didn’t Convey to Her-1 | part-2 |part-3|part-4|part-5|part-6|part-7|

 Beauty of words  

No, This is not My Destiny!!! | Desperation!!!, Are you Desperate about Anything/Anyone??? |People with Passion Can Make The Impossible Happen!|Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinationsI never lose I either win or learn |Don’t Educate Your Children To Be Rich!! |No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it |War does not determine who is right -Only who is leftPower of loveFrom a Rock To A Pebble|

Perfect World – The Spiderweb(Part – 1)

Neha Loves Ajay!!!

Art of Management – Kill the root cause

When Amit met Ananya!!! Part – 1