Festivals are the really important in everyone life so lets have a look at lots of festivals from all over the world. Everyone have there own way to celebrate festivals. but whole concept of festivals is enjoy everything and feels good, gathering of people, Meet your loved once. Festival are the part of our living.

We at ReaderChoices find festivals really amazing and you would like to bring lots of festivals for you people and know & understand so that you can know the world more clearly.


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World wide festivals

Taiwan Sky Lantern FestivalUp Helly Aa Fire Festival |  Songkran Water FestHoliMusic and Arts Festival | Boryeong Mud FestivalSnow and Ice SculptureMardi Gras- The Carnival Fiesta de CascamorrasTomorrowlandOktoberfest | La TomatinaBurning ManSongkran Water FestKırkpınar Oil WrestlingCARNIVAL OF VENIC |

Religious Festivals

Why is Dussehra celebrated?Why is Gurupurab celebrated?Why is Eid Ul Fitr celebrated?Why is Onam celebrated?Why is Pongal celebrated? | Why and How Holi is Celebrated?Why Diwali is Celebrated?