Pick up line of the day

Pick up line is most important thing if you are young and single oh sorry now a days no one is old…age is just a number and counting age is just a stupidity so Here we you find pick line used by modern generation to  impress a person of other gender or may be same gender. Here you can find pick up line that will help you to maintain class and standards if you want you can also send pick line used by you and in which situation.

Might be your pickup line can help thousand single out there wandering to how to impress let help them all

Pick up line of the day

Are you a interior decorator? because – pick up lines

Are you religious? Because – Pick up lines

I’m not a photographer, but – Pick up lines

Do you have a band-Aid? – pick up lines

Are you a camera? – pick up lines

Your Lips – Pick up lines

Are you a magician? -Pick up lines

You shouldn’t wear – pick up line

You made me forget – Pick up lines

Can I follow- pick up line

Is there an airport – Pick up lines

I am not drunk – pick up lines

Can I take your picture – Pick up lines

I am not staring – Pick up lines

I seem to have lost – pick up lines

You my heart – pick up lines

Do I know you? – pick up lines